DeTurk Round Barn

Firm: TLCD Architecture
24-ft. (7.3-m.) diameter Powerfoil®X fan
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Wow! That’s Fresh

Firm: BDG Architects
Four 8-ft. (2.4-m.) Essence® fans
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Bullitt Center

Firm: Miller Hull
Haiku® fans
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We’re the experts on thermal comfort.

Brains Behind the Scenes

Having the world’s only research and development lab built for the advancement of thermal comfort technology is valuable. But then again, a tool is only as good as its user. Our team of engineers work around the clock (as evidenced by sound testing conducted at 2:00 AM) to perfect the science of air movement. From inception to completion, all Big Ass Fans are designed, engineered, constructed, tested, re-tested, re-constructed, re-engineered and re-designed until we get it right. Needless to say, we’re not sitting on our asses.

Unparalleled Design Assistance

Big Ass Fans has design team members on staff ready to assist you during any stage of the design process – from initial designs to final installation. Use for information gathering, technical downloads or design inspiration – anything you need to simplify a project. Or, drop us a line to schedule a lunch and learn for your firm. We’ll show you why Big Ass Fans have No Equal.

Meet Our Experts

Big Ass Fans engineers the most effective, efficient and visually iconic ceiling fans in the world. But to make great products, you need great people. The desire to innovate has always drawn top talent to Big Ass Fans. Our award-winning engineers are ready to help you with any air movement need.