415 Mathilda


Project: 415 Mathilda

Firm: Sharp Development Company and Hillhouse Construction

Product: Haiku, Isis

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"The Big Ass Fans were critical in cost-effectively driving the building to be sustainable. They've done exactly what we hoped they would do."

Kevin Bates

Project Summary

Showcasing that eco-friendly building practices are affordable, two California companies partnered for a revolutionary renovation. Sharp Development Company and Hillhouse Construction sought to transform a 1970s office building in Sunnyvale into a vibrant space that produces zero-net energy. To attain their goal, they needed to decrease dependence on air conditioning in the 34,875-sq-ft (3,239-sq-m) facility. Important, too, was that the cooling system be not just cost-effective but silent. “Acoustics is huge for us,” said developer Kevin Bates. “The size of the space meant silent operation was critical.”

The companies installed 31 Haiku® and four Isis® fans from Big Ass Fans®. As part of an occupant-centric system, the fans silently distribute air throughout the large, open area. At night, automatic windows open and the fans draw in cool outdoor air for use the next day, decreasing the need for air conditioning. The fans not only slash energy costs; they also reduce HVAC maintenance and overall environmental impact. The building is so impressive that it now rents for many times the standard premium rate.

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