Bell’s Brewery


Project: Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Firm: Slocum Associates Architects, Byce & Associates Inc.

Product: Five 8-ft. diameter Isis® fans

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“The architects really wanted us to keep our design simple and clean and not have a bunch of ductwork running all over the place. The Big Ass Fans move the air around within the entire brew house.”

Bud Snyder
Byce and Associates

Project Summary

Bell’s Brewery of Michigan,USA, used innovative, industrial design elements when creating its new Brewhouse Gallery, the showplace for its public tours. But being a brewhouse and a tour space created challenges when it came to visitor comfort. “We’re mixing ingredients and boiling them, then allowing them to steep, so it gets very hot,” Production Manager John Mallett said. The owners needed air movement to keep visitors cool. And down the street in Bell’s warehouse, the company wanted better year-round air circulation for its employees as well as its products.

Five 8ft (2.4m) Isis® fans distribute the air and create an even temperature in the gallery, which has a 34ft (10.4m) ceiling. The fans work with a geothermal HVAC system and motorised windows to efficiently keep guests cool in summer. And in the warehouse, 16 and 18ft. (4.8 and 5.4m) diameter Powerfoil®X fans keep employees comfortable year round. In summer, the air movement creates a 10° F (6° C) cooling effect. In the winter, the fans gently recirculate the hot air that gathers at the ceilings of the facilities, reducing heater use and energy bills.

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