Big Ass Fan Company Research & Development facility

Big Ass Fans Research & Development

Project: Big Ass Fans R&D Lab, Lexington, Kentucky

Firm: WS Construction

Product: All Big Ass Fans are put to the test at this site.

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Project Summary

The Big Ass Fan Company, along with WS Construction, successfully designed a modern, sophisticated LEED®-Gold certified research and development facility. Architects used reinforced and structural steel, capped with a highly reflective aluminium roof. Using 35 percent less energy and 58 percent less water than a building meeting the minimum code requirements, this 45,000-sq-ft (4,180-sq-m) space earned 41 LEED points while optimising numerous energy-saving elements.

Two 12-ft (3.6-m) diameter Big Ass Fans in the office area play a vital role in assisting the HVAC units to help keep energy costs to a minimum. Using the fans instead of additional HVAC units has eliminated the need for ceiling-crowding ductwork. This configuration allows for an increase in the thermostat setpoint of 4°F (2°C) in the summer, significantly decreasing energy consumption. In the winter, the Big Ass Fans are slowed to bring hot air accumulating at the ceiling level down to the occupants without causing a draft.

By employing an innovative design practice during construction, nine percent fewer construction materials were used and 51 percent less landfill waste was generated than typical construction projects. The application of Big Ass Fans paired with low lighting power densities, occupancy sensors, ultra-low flow fixtures, and a high SRI metal roof all help to reduce overall energy consumption.

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