Crazy K Ranch


Project: Crazy K Ranch, Michie, Tennessee

Firm: Private

Product: Powerfoil X2.0, Powerfoil 8

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“I would definitely recommend big ass fans based on how quickly they can cool the building down or warm it back up. Just flip the fan on 10 minutes prior to an event—you instantly feel it moving the air around.”

Becky Adkins
Event Coordinator

Project Summary

Leave a door open long enough in the summer and someone’s bound to say, “We’re not trying to cool the whole neighbourhood!” But what choice do you have when you’re bringing in tables, food and decorations for 300 guests? At Crazy K Ranch in Tennessee, USA, propping doors open to the 4,000-sq-ft (370 sq. m.) event space wasted air con, but turning the system off left workers sweating. Winter was no better—rising heat floated to the 25ft (8m) ceiling, far away from guests who needed it. The HVAC system continually worked overtime to overcome its own inefficiency.

After seeing Big Ass Fans® at a nearby restaurant, the solution was clear to Crazy K’s owners. They installed several Big Ass Fans and saw immediate savings and improvements in thermal comfort. In summer, they can shut off the air con while moving items in and out, using the breeze from the fans to stay comfortable. The fans’ massive airflow distributes conditioned air quickly, keeping things cool in the summer and pushing hot air back down in the winter. Thanks to Big Ass Fans, the facility slashed utility costs by about 30 percent without sacrificing comfort.

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