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Project: Gaia Retreat & Spa

Firm: Private

Product: Haiku Fans

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I love the look of the Haiku fans we have at Gaia, and they move the air in such a quiet and efficient way. They are environmentally friendly, which is important to me. I like them so much I have them in my Aussie home, too!”

Olivia Newton-John
Co-Owner of Gaia Retreat & Spa

Project Summary

Nestled in the serene beauty of the Byron hinterlands, Gaia Retreat & Spa offers its guests a truly unique experience. The award-winning retreat’s co-owners, Olivia Newton-John and Gregg Cave, wanted to create a tranquil environment where every detail helps guests relax and reset from the stresses of every day life. Olivia knows comfort is essential to maintain a healthy balance, both mentally and physically. And Gregg feels too much reliance on air con detracts from the connection to nature. They knew they needed fresh, quiet airflow for their luxury retreat.

Gaia found the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep in 30 Haiku fans by Big Ass Solutions. Haiku keeps the airflow consistent in the ever-changing climate of northern NSW, so guests can turn off their air con and feel the refreshing breeze, indoors and out. “Haiku brings the outside in, and we were thrilled to find a fan that complements the aesthetic look and the peacefulness of our retreat,” says Gregg. He notes they have seen a huge reduction in power costs as a result of the fans’ energy efficiency. “There is nothing better on the market than the Haiku fan.”

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