Impulse Manufacturing


Project: Impulse Manufacturing, Dawsonville, Georgia

Firm: Private

Product: Sweat Bee

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“Sweat Bee fans allow our line to run at 100% capacity. Big Ass Fans engineers found a solution for my problem. Our entire team, from the technicians to the engineers, is thrilled with the results. Anyone that works with hot products should use a setup like this.”

Clay Reiser
General Manager

Project Summary

Metal fabricators at Impulse Manufacturing were losing valuable production time waiting on components that were too hot to handle. Parts that reached temperatures of 165°F (74°C) when they emerged from the oven needed to linger on the conveyor line while they cooled, and production slowed as a result. General Manager Clay Reiser even considered installing a longer conveyor line to allow for more cool-down distance, which would have cost $40,000 to $50,000 and required a facility shut-down for installation. Reiser needed a faster, less expensive solution.

Working with Big Ass Fans® applications engineers, Reiser learned that increased air speed was the key to rapid cooling. Just two business days after ordering eight Sweat Bee® directional fans, Reiser installed them along the conveyor to quickly cool down parts as they emerged from the oven. The fans allow staff to use the full capacity of the conveyor, increasing productivity by 25 percent. The Sweat Bee fans also cool down metal parts before they enter the paint booth, which has led to a 50 percent decrease in excess paint buildup.

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