Kalahari Resort


Project: Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Firm: Private

Product: Powerfoil

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“Thanks to big ass fans, we’re moving warm air down from the ceiling and making the temperature more consistent while using less energy. When you can save $13,000 on a monthly bill, that’s a big deal. It’s phenomenal.”

Bill Maurer
Maintenance Manager

Project Summary

At the largest indoor water park in the U.S., customer comfort is the No. 1 priority. But keeping the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells feeling tropical can be tricky. The facility needs to stay at a swimsuit-friendly 28°C – no small feat in a 11613-sq-ft space with 16-m ceilings. Warm air got trapped at the ceiling, far from where visitors need it. In order to keep the facility comfortable down at floor level, Kalahari had to blast extra heat into the space, wasting energy and racking up massive utility bills.

Four 7.3-m Powerfoil® fans came to the rescue. The fans’ patented aerofoils, inspired by airplane wings, recirculate the warm air that pools at ceiling level, sending it back down to the floor. The results? Less wasted heat and more even, comfortable temperatures. With the fans, the temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor areas dropped from almost 11.1 degrees to less than 1.1 degrees. As a bonus, the fans also recirculate the heat produced by Kalahari’s lights, adding to the energy savings.

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