Marina Bay Development

Marina Bay Development

Project: Marina Bay Development, Singapore

Firm: Arup

Product: Three 14-ft (4.2-m) diameter Powerfoil® fans

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Project Summary

In Singapore, where the yearly temperature average is just below 90°F (32°), it’s often a struggle to enjoy the great outdoors. To provide some relief for tourists, commuters or Sunday strollers, shaded rest stops became a crucial component of the Marina Bay Development Project. Three “breeze shelters” use Big Ass Fans to provide relief from the heat. The fans are activated by motion sensors and powered by building-integrated photovoltaics (PVs). Each shelter can generate up to 4 kW on a sunny day; after sundown, power from the grid is used to illuminate strips of LED lights encompassing the shelter. Day or night, passersby can enjoy the comforting breezes and relieving shade from the energy-efficient comfort shelters.

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