Michael Family Farms


Project: Michael Family Farms, Urbana, Ohio

Firm: Private

Product: Essence

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“When it’s 80°f with no wind and you’re inside the barn, it can get pretty uncomfortable. We wanted to make sure we had enough air moving, particularly over the dance floor. Essence is quiet, it moves the air and looks nice. Essence is a well-built fan.”

Todd Michael
Vice President

Project Summary

Todd Michael’s daughter was scouring Ohio, USA, for wedding reception venues when she landed on the perfect place: a barn right on her family’s farm in Urbana. But the structure wasn’t wedding ready – it needed a complete renovation. Michael set out to do just that, stabilising the structure, adding a new roof and tearing down walls. But he needed something to keep 365 wedding guests feeling cool as they boogied the night away. Air conditioning was out of the question, he said, because it would wipe out the barn’s rustic character.

Michael invited an Essence® fan to the wedding. Guests loved the elegant look and mighty airflow, and its silent operation didn’t distract from the festivities. Essence even averted what could have been a wedding day disaster as the bride tossed her bouquet – right through the fan’s aerofoils. “A regular fan would have been like a blender, but Big Ass Fans move a lot of air slowly, which gave the bouquet a chance to slip through,” Michael said. The barn was such a hit that Michael now rents it out for other events.

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