Monterey Road Elementary


Project: Monterey Road Elementary

Firm: PMSM Architects

Product: 32 60-in (1.5-m) Haiku® fans

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“Natural air changeovers are significant in this environment and the Haiku fans are a great, energy efficient way to facilitate that. Everyone is excited about having them in the newly renovated school.”

Stu Stoddard
Monterey Road Elementary

Project Summary

Most schools only dream of a multimillion-dollar upgrade. For Monterey Road Elementary School in Atascadero, California, it was a reality. At the top of the to-do list: climate control improvements to make its classrooms more pleasant and comfortable learning environments. The school added vaulted ceilings and abundant windows and skylights for natural ventilation in the renovation design. Higher ceilings and more daylight meant the school would need to ensure air circulation—without disrupting classroom activities—for maximum student and teacher comfort.

Monterey Road installed two 60-in (1.5-m) Haiku® fans in each classroom, 32 in total. The fans brought the school’s comfort level into the 21st century. Haiku creates breezes that produce a 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect, allowing the school to minimise its use of air con and save on energy and utility bills. The air movement provided by the fans makes the improved design of the classrooms even more comfortable for students and teachers alike. Students have said the fans are their favourite part of their renovated school.

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