United Warehouse Company


Project: United Warehouse Company

Firm: Private

Product: Big Ass Light LEDs


“We’ve received one full cycle of electrical invoicing, and it’s less than half of what it was a year ago – just because of the Big Ass Lights.”

Mark Vander Veen
Chief Operating Officer

Project Summary

In its hundred-year history, United Warehouse Company has grown to include locations in three states plagued by hot summer temperatures. After seeing how a 24ft (7.3m) Big Ass Fan® made employees more comfortable at its distribution centre in Oklahoma, USA, the company turned to Big Ass Light™ when it decided to invest in energy-efficient lighting. “The fan exceeded our expectations, so we assumed the same quality and over-engineering with the lights,” says Chief Operating Officer Mark Vander Veen.

United Warehouse purchased a full package of lights, there’s not one light at the Oklahoma location that’s not a Big Ass LED, including offices and security lighting. “The quality of light is better, cleaner, more uniform. It’s a nicer looking facility,” says Vander Veen, who added the company also bought more fans. Best of all are the energy savings after replacing the metal halides. “We’re looking at a 50% reduction in energy costs,” he says. “That amounts to $8,500 to $10,000USD ($11,000 to $13,000AUD) a month.”

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